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IoT Hackathon

Make your oven SMS you when the food is ready. Make your refrigerator WhatsApp you when it's time to throw out expired food. Or ask the washing machine to call you up when it is done washing your clothes.

You might be wondering. These are cool things to do. But why would anyone give these devices the ability to talk at all though? Because we can!

These things are possible with today's technology. The "Internet of Things" is a revolution that's waiting to happen, and you can be at the forefront of that revolution!

All you have to do is come to SSN on Sept 9th, and build us a prototype IoT application. We will even give you some of the components but you're free to bring any additional components that you may require! Do register with a proposal though, because participation is limited to a fixed number of teams (10-15).

Team Size: Maximum of 3 people.

Prize money: ₹6000, ₹3000, ₹1500 for first, second and third place respectively.

Proposed Venue: Central Library


  1. Each team may consist of up to 3 members.
  2. There is no separate registration fee of the event,other than general INVENTE registration fee.
  3. The teams will be provided with an ESP8266 WiFi module and one of either an Arduino or an Intel Galileo board, passive components, a regulated power supply, CRO, function generator and basic soldering facilities.
  4. Each team must submit a proposal for an application that they will be able to implement within the given timeframe.
  5. The teams will be required to bring any additional components required, outside the given list.
  6. The top 10-15 teams will be shortlisted to appear in the hackathon.
  7. The teams will be asked to implement their proposal with a few changes within the given timeframe.
  8. Points will be awarded for speed and robustness of the implementation.
  9. The team judged to be best according to the criteria specified will be named the winner, with runner-up and second runner-up also being judged.
  10. Teams must submit their proposals following this: Template Proposal

Teams must send their proposals to inventehackathon@gmail.com by September 6th.

Coordinators: SSN Tech Club - Harshvardhan Raju, Prithviraj Prabhu, Aadithya Venkat, Karnik Ram, Nandagopal Srinivasan (+918056029260, +919962216331)

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